5/10/20 UPDATE: We can host Brewery Tours again! You can use your existing voucher, regardless of the expiry date, by booking HERE.

If your tour was booked then postponed due to Covid, we have now reactivated your voucher and you can BOOK HERE.

Please contact if you have questions or any issues when booking.

Cheers heaps for your support! 

Take a tour of Urbanaut - Auckland's raddest brewery! Whether you’re a full-blown craft beer fanatic or relative newcomer, you’ll leave with a better knowledge of how beer is made, why craft beer has revolutionised the sector and what makes an Urbanaut craft beer taste so delicious. You’ll be talked through beer styles, sampling as you go. Learn about the brewing process, check out the ingredients and get close-up with our fermentation tanks where the magic happens.

Tours last 1 hour and cost $30. You must be 18 years of age to go on a tour, photo ID required.